Games – 【Minecraft】Ten million subscriptions to “God of War” Technoblade Family video confirms death of cancer at 23

Technoblade Cancer
Technoblade Family video confirms death of cancer at 23

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《Minecraft》PVP pros and the community will surely know the “God of War” Technoblade who once achieved the first thousand-game winning streak in the battle mode Bed Wars. It stopped updating last year and announced in August that he had cancer. It is very unfortunate that Technoblade died of bone cancer at the age of 23 in a video uploaded by his father today.

In the film, his father conveyed the content of the film. Technoblade passed away before the film was completed. Technoblade’s original name was Alex. He thanked all players and communities who supported his “Minecraft” creation and deeds. If there is a life, he will still Be Technoblade, his father also weeps in the film, thanking him for being a unique and talented child.

《Minecraft》From Sky Wars to Bed Wars in the PVP game community, Technoblade became famous all the way. At that time, it was tied with another genius player, Dream. The strengths and characteristics of the two were different, and the confrontation in the event was also The biggest topic in the community, and now that Technoblade has been lost, many Minecraft players are mourning on relevant discussion boards and Twitter, life is impermanent, and God is jealous of talents.

Technoblade Cancer

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