Technology – Lightyear 0: The World’s first Production-Ready Solar Car

Netherlands-based solar EV startup Lightyear has launched the world’s first production-ready solar car dubbed Lightyear 0. After six years of innovation, the solar car came to a crescendo on the global stage.

On 9 June, Lightyear 0 was unveiled in an online global premiere. In this premiere, the company showcased the final design of the car and its unique specifications and revolutionary capabilities.

The core technologies of Lightyear 0 make this solar-powered car unique and that’s why it has garnered more attention. The engineering team took six years of research and development to make the production-ready model.

Why Lightyear 0?

The Lightyear 0 comes with a very futuristic design with a fastback-style body. It also comes with sleek LED headlamps at the front, an LED light bar at the rear, aero alloys at the front and aero covers for the wheels. All these aero elements on the 4-seater solar-powered EV give it a drag coefficient of 0.19. The electric vehicle features a solar bonnet and roof with five square metres of double-curved solar arrays. The use of these panels can provide an additional 70km range per day and up to 11,000km per year.

World’s most energy-efficient EV

The car has long, flowing body lines that look elegant and add to its aerodynamic nature achieving a drag coefficient of 0.19 Cd. The company further touts the Lightyear 0 as the world’s most energy-efficient EV, consuming only 10.5 kWh for every 100 km travelled at highway speeds.


Built Sustainably

From the inside, the Lightyear 0 car is in line with its sustainable mission statement. This includes plant-based leather upholstery, textiles created from plastic bottles, wood trims and many other elements. The minimalist cabin on the EV also comes with its share of tech, including a 10.1-inch touchscreen infotainment display at the centre with over-the-air software updates, Android Auto & Apple CarPlay, phone-as-key and all the other bells and whistles.

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When will Lightyear 0 be delivered?

In the last months of 2022 solar cars are about to shine on roads across Europe. According to the company, the first cars reached their drivers in November this year

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