Technology – No More Lightning Connector? Govt Working To Standardise Charger For Smartphones

The government of India is looking to adopt a common charging power for numerous devices which include smartphones and tablets.

A meeting has been scheduled for August 17 to discuss the issue with the industry, according to a senior consumer affairs ministry official in a conversation with PTI.

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According to the official, the meeting with smartphone makers as well as sector-specific organisations has been scheduled to look at the possibility of ending the use of multiple chargers and eliminating the burden on consumers while also working on eradicating e-waste accumulation.

The move comes after the European Union has standardised the adoption of the USB Type-C port for small electronic devices by 2024. In fact, a similar demand has been made in the United States of America as well.

The official states, “If companies can serve in Europe and the US, why cannot they do it in India? Portable electronic devices like smartphones and tablets should have a common charger.”

He added that if India doesn’t push for this change now, such products could make their way into India and be dumped here, affecting the users as well as resulting in more e-waste.

Today, consumers are forced to purchase a separate charger every time they purchase a new device in case it comes shipped with a proprietary connector — like the Lightning Connector, Apple chose to ship with the iPhone, whereas all of the Android flagship devices use USB Type-C — a more universal standard in comparison.

Will all this really force Apple to switch to USB Type C on the iPhone or is it just waiting till it goes all wireless? Tell us what you think in the comments below.

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